Great Day

Great day indeed.

It all began when Sharpie, JP, and I accidentally arrived to the lake 1 hour early, allowing us time to visit the Colwood Timmies. Thanks for that guys. It was sweet to start the day with lots of laughing. Definitely fuel for the body and soul. Good swimming fuel too.

Rotation is high on the list when I swim. It's funny how long some things take to sink in. For the past 18 months, I have been told to rotate more on my right side. Every time I hear this I think, "Ok, Rotate." In reality, all I have been doing is an exaggeration of the same technique. This morning however, after 18 months of being told to rotate more on my right side, I think I did it once, maybe twice. The important thing being recognizing the change in feeling. This must be what PK means when he says rotate more.

30 minute base run at the lake and home for a nap and lunch. Mid day naps keep the inner cat happy. Add tuna sandwich for lunch . . . inner cat is very happy.

The rest of the day was better than great. Must have been the cat saying thanks.

Yoga was the best it's ever been. Do you feel the stretch? Yep, most of the time.

Today it was about something other than the stretch. It was just a matter of placing the body in the desired position. Cool feeling.

We raced the Caleb Pike Crit this evening. Fun race, just a matter of allowing the body to perform the desired operation (pedal fast).

AMac & Kelly saw the asphalt up close on the final lap. Take care of yourself and you will recover fast guys. Up until that point it was a sweet race. Thanks Kelly for the coaching / encouragement on the flats. Nice attack from AMac to break things up!

Big time shout out to the rest of the crew who controlled the B group race from start to finish. Nice racing all around.

JP off the front in a 2 man break . . . wickedness dude, absolute wickedness.

Scotty & Sharpie . . . I have a good feeling you guys were pulling the pack through the entire race. Way to make it a real workout.

Aaron . . . Racing tonight definitely took some guts, especially having spent more than your share of road time less than vertical the last few weeks.

Kyla, Alex, Christine & Gaby . . . you guys stuck in there for the entire thing with energy for a sprint finish! Sounds like a one million fold improvement too me. Absolute awesomeness.

Time for sleep. Rest well.