paths cross

Cooking dinner tonight felt like the real west coast.

There's a special kind of warmth which comes from fire. It's different than water warmth, electric warmth, or air warmth. It begins and carries differently. It ends differently. It has it's own smell, taste, and feel. It can only really be described as fire warmth. Maybe you know the feeling I'm talking about already.

Combine that feeling with a few drops of rain. Fire warmth and cool rain. The feeling of cool rain splashing on your skin, then immediately evaporating from fire warmth.

Now add the smell of dinner roasting by the fire. In tonights case, it was predominantly citrus with ginger. You can taste the smell.

You hear and feel rain falling on your touque. If it's raining hard perhaps your poncho magnifies the sounds.

It was all here this evening.

Dinner is ready and it's time to know the food. I like to see food, taste food, and know food. Know what the food is, it's story and journey. The food arrived here, and has been combined and arranged in this certain way. Now our paths cross.

Thanks for the Nourishment.

Rest well.