For a moment today, I was that bike rider. With a Moka House coffee in one hand, and the brake lever in the other, I cruised past the breakwater on my way to work.

Just to make sure the ocean was still there, I took the extended waterfront loop.

Ok good, the water is still blue, and the grass is still green. I can still feel a cool onshore breeze which smells of saturated driftwood and those tube-style seaweed things. The water still catches the sun, passing a light for open eyes to see. The moon is up in it's summer time way, and the mountains still own the horizon. The wind plays an everlasting game, and the birds still hop on for a ride. The trees join in for a dance or two, while grass keeps rhythm.

I'm still here catching the contrast.

Right, Left, Right, Left, Oak Bay Rec. Part of me is still with the beach, or perhaps the beach came with me for the ride. Either way, I am in good company.

Tomorrow will be a great day.

Rest well.