What will be the catalyst?

It's a challenging one to predict, and many times near impossible. The important thing is awareness to the enzyme's presence once it arrives. This may be according to it's own time line, or ours as determined by readyness.

Keep the eyes closed and ears quite so you can feel it when it comes!

Today the catalyst came knocking. I missed it for a couple hours, then slowly started to hear something different, something worth listening to. Ok that's what you're here to talk about. Now I'm ready to listen.

Just like Peter Pan, we each have a shadow which follows us around. We can learn a lot from the shadow.

The shadow is darkness. The shadow is fear, a self-created, non-real fear. It is only real in our mind because we created it.

What is the fear? How do we dissipate it?

Just as we understand the shadow, we understand the fear. We surround the fear with light and it dissolves. It ceases to exist in our mind and in our world.

This was a pretty solid weekend of training. Our ride yesterday was the one stop shop for Kelowna preparation. Start with pack riding, cornering, 180 practice, accelerations, hills, attacks, and finish with tempo and more attacks.

After the 1st couple hill repeats I thought, man my breaks must be rubbing, this is hard work. Ahh forget it, probably just an excuse. More hills, and onto the tempo. Riding along Blenkinsop we were cruising along at what felt like a good speed. I looked down to see I was in the small chain ring. What? This is way to hard for small ring work.

Finish the practice and check out the wheel. It's shaped like a Taco. Thanks to Karl @ OBB for fixing that one today. Wickedness.

20 minute run off the bike and Saturday has been Saturday.

This morning was the Thetis Lake Swim for Multiple Sclerosis. Really positive event, and great swimming by a number of athletes from the group.

90 minute post swim trail run / bush whack through the trees.

Rest well.