Apple Sauce Ketchup

Ketchup goes with basically everything, and sometimes leads to applesauce.

Ketchup with sleep, Ketchup with laundry, Ketchup with e-mails, Ketchup with workout log, Ketchup with the bank, Ketchup with the car, Ketchup with the vacuum, Ketchup with Vega(?) and most importantly, Ketchup with all the ongoing science experiments in the fridge and cupboards.

One particular Ketchup trip to the cupboard beside the stove led me to a large family of fruit flies. Ahhh I think we have a winner . . . there must be a good experiment going on in here.

That's where the bag of golden delicious disappeared to. Fortunately they have only been MIA for a little over one week.

What to do with the 73% of each apple that is still edible?

Apple sauce. Now the whole house smells of delicious cinnamon apple sauce.

Great recovery Monday.

Rest well.