Is there such a thing as almost? Almost what? Almost where?

It all comes down to perspective.

My first reaction to this weekend's race was, "almost." Almost had a great swim.

500m in the swim, right there, in the mix of the main group. Sweetness. Here it is. 1000m, still there and the green Tache suit swims up beside. Sit the hip. This must be good if I was ahead of him. 1100m feet escape. 1105 sprint to catch. 1150 feet escape. 1155 sprint to catch. 1200m feet escape. Sprint. Sprint again. Sprint again. Feet are gone. Pack swims past. Three more past. 300m slow solo.

Almost the swim. Almost.

Almost what? It just was, and now has been.

The external emphasis is almost, while the internal locus is.

The external emphasis can create expectation, which in turn leads to an externally influenced outcome. Or, we choose the internal emphasis. This is us. This is. Are we the emphasis? If we are, then we control the outcome.

The origin is ultimately from our choice of source, which requires conscious focussed thought. The other is a pre-packaged, pre-programmed, particular prescription. Our choice.

Our expectations clearly lead to outcome. Why do we so often choose to expect the externally expected?

It's there. It's easy. It's microwavable and ready right now. It has 85% of your RDI for 16 essential vitamins and minerals.

Who cares about your pre-determined RDI? It's absorption that matters.

We control absorption.

Almost what? Almost nothing. All that is, just simply is, and that is the internal locus, the internal emphasis.

So, initially the reaction was almost. Now it just was, and next will be according to choice, as always.

Great 3h with Sugar Cane through the fields today. Lots more learned this weekend which will sort itself in the next few. For now a thank you to Geneva, the Finger Lakes region, and all the cool people I've met in the past couple days.

Make the choice, and Rest well.