almost breakfast time

In the last year or so, I have found myself questioning things and wondering much more about all sorts of different things. I have been told and found through mindful reflection and awareness, things eventually become clear; however, the time line often seems out of ones control.

At the same time I am amazed how interactions and events seem to occur at the perfect synchronistic moment.

Last week I posed a question to myself during an OYO (on your own) base ride. It was one of those times where I almost became irritated through lack of understanding. Stuck.

Arms up in the air, fingers stretched towards the perfect bluish gray evening sky, I rode through a waterfall. From then on the ride, the evening, and everything else changed. First 4 steps complete and content with here now.

30 minutes later the answer to my now unstuck question arrived. Thank You.

All the questions, each answer waiting for the perfect moment to be revealed, each with their own perfect time line.

Thanks to all the awesome encouraging friends.

Now it's breakfast time.

Rest well.