Thursday Fin

Just like the picture, we can zoom in on any piece of the world and be mesmerized by it's intricacy, and infinite awesome beauty.

It takes very little time, no time at all really, just a moment within a moment. When we open our eyes we can see something more than just a pebble, twig, or puddle.

The beauty is always there, but most often we are far too occupied to notice or bother. Occupied with what? Who knows. But in our own minds, at this moment, it is the most important thing in the world.

How about being occupied by nothing? The feeling could be a simple openness to allow.

Today I officially started my taper to this weekends race. I have come up with a number of questions and concerns, most of which I really don't care about. It just seems like for this sort of thing one might have a few questions. So now if I need to ask a question, I have one or two ready.

I have a fairly good understanding of my freshly proposed race strategy. It's as simple as they come. Imagine the most simple strategy, then take all the extra stuff out.

From here there are few words to describe.

Rest well.