Spiced Chai

My first Chai Tea experience was in Mr. Kaneen's grade 6 class when we served Chai Tea at an exhibit on Nepal.

I can remember Seb and I had an awesome time working on this project. When asked why we chose Nepal for our project, our answer was simple, "The Mountains, obviously." Even back then I was mesmerized by the mountains.

Sitting down between Yoga and work, I just poured a glass of tea. A few moments later I could hear birds singing. Or are those bells? Wait, the sound is coming from close by. The tea is making a sound.

The sounds of Chai Tea.

Today I was absolutely inspired to observe the progress of Murray at Oak Bay. I remember our first appointment in January when walking was a total challenge. 6 months later and fit as ever. Well done!

I started with another elderly gentleman today who's in a similar situation. Having seen the positive changes happen earlier this year, I am looking forward to the new program. Change your thoughts, change your life.

With the last few days as recovery, I have had more time to spend in OBRec. Night shift tonight.

Rest well.