shaved and tapered

mmm . . . the pleasant aroma of happy dog breath.

A few of my rituals on the day before are sleeping in, and eating a big mid-day meal. The big mid-day meal is now pretty much standard for any normal training day. And the sleep in . . . well I slept in today and I think I've slept in the day before in the past, so it counts as a ritual too.

Today Rex and Kona were the key members of team "superchill day before race."

The team accompanied me to Hamsterly beach this afternoon to pick up a race kit and check out the venue. Rex suggested a little bit of visualization, so we did a little recon mission for a few k's out on the run loop. Awesome suggestion Rex.

I think somehow our sense of smell is closely attached to memory. As we were driving back to base camp, I remembered those drives up through the Caribou with a happy dog in the back seat.

"Here ya go Kipling. I snagged you some extra cheese from the BC Ferries Buffet."

Cheesy dog breath.

Rest well.