p l a y p l a y p l a y p l a y p l a y

Stiff legs? It's vacation time, time to go on a trip. Time to find out what's happening in there, and what can be done to heal. Eyes closed, body awake, mind open.

Bring the non-local right into now, right here. Follow it closely, so closely you begin to see through it's own. This is a vacation we can take at any time.

Just like any trip, we prepare first with a few breaths.

We begin to listen. Listen to ourSelf, our body, and the world around us.

How much time do we spend sending off, spreading some message or thought to the earth and everything on and within it?

It seems as though one must consciously make an effort to listen, while turning off the ears.

Earful of dog tongue. It's play time. Thanks to Rex and Kona for a fun playful day.

Eat, flush swim, stretch, eat, walk to the park, play, nap, eat, play, nap, eat, OBRec, dinner, play, race report, eat, yoga, play, bed.

Rest well.