Lean Ground Beef

Absolutely awesome training the past few days.

Friday morning's swim was of the draft pack variety. "Now what am I going to do with Stevo. Throw on your fins and swim with that group." Ok.

The workout changed. Sometimes, draft pack swimming can be all physical. The technical aspects, high elbow, push through the back, etc still float around, but the emphasis is definitely on FASTER! This time however, with the assistance of fins, I was able to focus more closely on form.

Back to the same swim equation, "Form with Fatigue." Suppose fatigue comes from the set's intensity and layout, and form comes from our mind. Why then, if the mind is nonlocal, does form generally change with fatigue? Swim fast.

Easy spin in and around Beacon Hill, experimenting with the new aero position.

Track workout. Yesterday afternoon we had the sweet opportunity to do a track workout with Hendrik de Villiers. Definitely cool. The workouts were 4 x 400m, 4 x 800m, 4 x 400m or 4 x 1000m with plenty rest. We ran the first 8 repeats with Hendrik, then JP finished with the K's. Perfect time, perfect place. Thanks for the great workout.

This morning's swim was 1 x the big, 3 x the small as: fast out, smooth around, fast back. Word bird drops a card reading, "A L M O S T."

This afternoon we had a sweet ride out to East Sooke and Silver Spray. Pat on the back to the whole group for hanging in there for what was a pretty long hilly ride. I was really happy to finish the race pace pieces and join back in to the group ride. Thanks.

The bike efforts today were 20 minutes SS to Tempo, and 40 minutes Race Pace, spread out within the base ride.

The Race Pace effort felt awesome, as time seemed to disappear. Today it was about synchronizing the pedaling rhythm with body and road, until we were working together, with the same purpose.

Home to an ice bath, polenta, and OBB LGB Burgers.

Rest well.