A few fun days . . .

and we're back!

The first 1/2 experience is officially complete: preparation, race, reflect, recover.

Being the first 1/2 I was in a new world as far as recovery goes. This past week has been all about feeling where the body is, almost a hyper-awareness to each and every receptor.

The day after a race I like to hop in the water for a flush swim. For me this seems to work even better than complete rest. Blood and lymph flow, expansion of the intracellular space, these are good things.

I kept things light for Tuesday and Wednesday with low intensity 3-3.5k swims and lots of stretching in the lower leg / upper rib departments. Wednesday afternoon we were coached by Elizabeth through another awesome Hatha practice. I always walk away from these sessions feeling fantastic.

Swim volume up again on Thursday, this time to a whopping 4k. I felt good enough for a run in the afternoon, so laced up the kicks and went for a spin on the local trails. 45 minutes was enough. Legs almost there.

Friday. Ok, time for a real swim. It felt great to be back doing some work in the water. Home for sleep, and out for a ride. 3.5 through the waterfront and return through Central Saanich.

The Tall Ships are in town! Friday evening was extra cool, in the warm summer evening kind of way. Walking through the docks, checking out boats, talking about life, these are the sweet things. Thanks for a great evening.

Saturday. Real swim, real ride, short run off the bike. It's all there. Fantastic day. Somehow we landed a guided tour through the massive US Coast Guard Tall Ship. Definitely cool. Chill sesh on the roof, reflect on the day, swap a few thoughts, watch the mountains disappear, and a cruise ship multiply (twice). Another spectacular day.

Sunday. Base run with some steady state, and an ice. Base runs have always been one of my favorite training sessions. So many great things about them. Sunday afternoon naps are also my favorite napping sessions. So many great things about those too.

Rest well