Day off

What is the best way to cap off a great block of training?

This time it was a rest day. A sleep in day. My favourite kind of sleep in day. A day where I wake up at the usual time, make breakfast, sit down for a moment, look outside, see the sky, hear the birds, feel the air, go back up stairs and crawl back in bed, returning to my dreams.

Ahhh, wake up number 2 always feels so good. That is just what the body ordered. Rest.

It is so easy to convince oneself of just about anything.

Last night I remember thinking, "This has been 3 solid weeks. I think I could use a day completely off from training. Tomorrow would be a great day to take off."

Fill out the workout log.

Schedule arrives. Stevo - swim tomorrow am, bike in afternoon with 4 x 10'.

Well you know what, tomorrow would also be a good day for some swimming and biking. I could go for that. I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow will be one more great day of training leading up to a sweet race.

Message on workout log. Stevo - rest. Tomorrow is OFF! Bold, Capitals, and an Exclamation Point.

Ok. That works too. I will rest.

The other day Patrick was talking to us about steamed vegetables. How delicious is a steamed carrot? Have you ever tasted a steamed carrot? Not just a steamed carrot. A fresh bit of nourishment, straight from the earth.

When we eat something straight from the ground, straight from the earth, it is as though we are stating, clarifying, and understanding our real relationship with the earth. We are as much the Earth as the Earth is us. We work together. We exist as a team. One thrives with the other, not in competition, but in harmony.

For us to take complete care of ourSelf, we are taking care of the Earth. With respect for ourSelf, we respect the Earth. We are in the Earth, just as the Earth is in us.

For the past few days I have been on a Ginger kick. What does ginger taste like?

Quite often, in our rushed state of affairs, times are few and far between where we actually taste food. Food simply goes in as if eating were a chore. How about time to taste? Time to appreciate the food, the nourishment, the gift given to us from Earth.

Time to taste the food. One of my #1 staples goes by name of lentil. Try brewing up a batch of lentils with a couple raw slices of ginger in the water. Definitely a treat. Sometimes simple tastes are the greatest. What does this one food taste like? maybe in combination with just one other food?

A resting, ginger lentil eating, muffin making, OB Rec working, Tich Naat reading day.

Rest well.