Cat Nap

Bikes to Boats,
Trig to Calculus,
Buck Knife to Rosin,
Beethoven to McMaster,
Baseball to MSR Dragonfly,
Pachabelle to Potato Cannons,
Rockets to Egg Drops to Wrestling,
Strathcona Park to Forbidden Plateau to West Coast Trail

Just a few of the cool childhood memories I am grateful for on Fathers Day.

Beautiful day here in the Capital City. I think we really lucked in as there was a symphony of fog horns playing all morning along the water.

Nice base run in the Beacon Hill sun this morning. Home to refuel and a nap. It was one of those awesome "no-alarm-set-mid-day-in-the-sun" naps. I woke up to find Kitten occupying way more than 1/2 the bed and covers.

I think we were both on the same wavelength this afternoon.

Sweet afternoon swim at a nice and warm Elk Lake. Hamsterly is looking ready for action next Sunday.

Rest well.