Beats & Balance

5 Beats, 2 Oak Bay Butcher chorizo sausages, 4 potatoes, 1/2 a crown of broccoli.

Everyone knows that when you boil beats, the water turns purple. Once I met someone who told me the energy in food comes from its colour. I've spent a little time pondering this one, but the latest thoughts are not yet ready to be published.

What I can tell you is that beat water is delicious, deliciously dark purple. It's similar to a beat tea, if you could imagine such a thing. It is surprisingly sweet, and a little earthy, but that could just be the dirt I didn't bother washing off.

Perhaps the extra dirt minerals will help provide some direction on the new turf.

As I settle into the new abode a number of positive changes have occurred.

Example: I have been finding myself frequently lost.

Where am I? I think I know this street. I think I turn left here. No. Right. Right? Nope. Left. Oh wait, that wasn't the street I thought it was. I'll go back there, where I knew where I was. Left this time. Ok, this is good.

Now I'm here. But where is here?

All I can be sure of is that I am here.

Well I was here a moment ago, but now where am I? It sure looks, feels, and sounds like I'm here. Pass on that stuff for a moment. Ahhh. . . Right, I still have swim practice.

Ok, so I'll assume for the time being that I'm here. I have swim practice there. If I follow that road, I will end up there. Ok, lets go.

Rest well.