baseball glove, batting cage, and hot dogs.

Another great day of training here at UBC.

Thanks to the training partners for some enjoyable work and conversation out on the trails.

Today's swim was of the Short Course variety. Translation: artificially fast splits. None the less, it still feels good to see a small number on the clock.

Ride was of the utmost spin variety, through the waterfront pathways in Vancouver. Nice. There were these funny signs along the way, a bicycle surrounded by circle with a line through it. Oops . . . Close my eyes.

The run was great as we tried something new. No distance measured. The workout was 9 x 1K. For the first repeat we ran what felt like a 3:11, and drew a line. Ok, that's the starting point.

Now, descend in threes down to all out speed for #'s 7, 8, & 9. It was a really positive exercise in pacing. Without the track, there was no constant reminder of either distance travelled or remaining. Just run, Fast.

Feel good, and look at the clock when you're finished. I think this will be a useful skill going into a longer race. Comfortable speed. Smiling speed. Fast speed.

Rest well.