to decide.

Sometime last week we were paying our dues at the Observatory. It was a nice fall foggy ride, with a cool refreshing mist to wake us up on the way down. A chance for us to feel good on the hill, knowing that we have done some good work in the past month. We paid our dues to Ms./Mr. Lemmon and returned to the island, now able to call the Observatory "Junior."

The prescribed workout was 4 x up, descending 1 - 4, increasing effort within each repeat. A feel good ride after our morning swim.

On our first repeat we waved to an elderly couple enjoying the hill and the weather, just as we were. Smile, wave, keep riding, onto the top, turn around, back down.

As we road past our new observatory friends on the second repeat they eagerly asked, "How many more?" "Just two." We replied. In an encouraging voice they said, "Ok then, keep it up guys."

Number three. About half way up we road past again, at which point they both held up two fingers. "Two more to go guys. Looking good."

Number four. "Last one guys. Make it a good one."

A simple expression of community, an expression of support. It was anything but a hammer fest up that hill. None the less, it was nice to ride past our own cheering squad. Thanks.

You never know what result may arise from any interaction. A word here, two words there. Three or four words of encouragement from these two people definitely changed the day. It's like a wave moving closer to shore. Growing, Growing, Growing, until eventually it breaks, spreading it's energy to the sand, forever changing (creating) the beach.

A big picture? I do believe so.

After a brief release in the form of a cold bug, as of this morning training is back to full on 100% Awesomeness. Word on the streets has it there's a swim TT planned for Friday. I'm predicting a 2oo. OK, 2 nights to prepare. Now all that's left is to decide how long it will take.

Rest well.