Saturday morning

One of the things I like about swimming is once January rolls around, it's all about the numbers. We spend the first month or two in the pool just swimming. Forget the pool even has a clock.

As the hard work begins, the pace clock (and Neil's white board marker) gain absolute power. What is written, let it be so. See the workout, make it happen.

We all have our own numbers, and there are lots in swimming. Everything from Time Trial goals, to break point swimming, to breath holding has a number. Somewhere along the line a few of these numbers are labeled as barriers. Whether it be the 5 minute 400TT, or the 1 minute 100TT, the language we generally use forecasts a block.

Why does there need to be a barrier? Just because we spend a little time working to surpass it? That's no barrier, that's a plateau. There are no barriers. The word barrier suggest there is something preventing us from moving further. What could possibly be different from swimming a 5:15 400m to a 4:59? It's the same water. The clocks are ticking just as fast. No barrier.

Just like climbing any mountain range, there are ups, downs, and flats. Think of the beautiful high elevation fields. These are plateaus on which we walk, appreciate, and recover before the next ascent.

That being said, it feels good to climb. 5 Minute plateau has been walked, and appreciated. I'm recovered and ready to see 4:50. First week in June. Maktub!

All practice is good practice. If we are out there working hard, this is good.

Just like everything else we do, every practice affects our future self. Before, during, and especially as practice is completed, we have the choice to decide how it will affect us, every time. We decide: This practice will make me faster. This practice is making me faster. This practice made me faster. Whether or not we were going faster, we decide what benefits were derived.

All practice is good practice.

Yesterday we finished up our swim, and rolled out for a observatory ride. A good story goes along with that ride, but I need to eat breakfast. Another time.

Back to Lochside for our run. 1h50 running time including rest with 8 x 1K. Good workout.

Today will be a great day.

Rest well.