Happy with how things are, just the way they are, where we are, how we are, when we are, and who we are.

Somehow, sometimes, on occasion, it seems as though we prevent ourselves from being happy with the above. It is as though we feel in some way that we are undeserving. For whatever reason, we haven´t earned it. We aren´t worthy of complete unabided happiness.

This is not the case! Everything on the Planet and in the Universe, from the smallest Amoeba, to the greatest old Oak tree deserves, and has perfect right to absolute happiness, simply for the act of just being.

I remember once being told that the important lessons only come after an event, with patient, mindful reflection. Again and again, this seems to be the case. Regardless of outcome, lessons continute to unfold along the journey.

When the actual outcome varies substantially from that which was originally desired, it is easy to shut down and simply view the experience as waste.

No Waste!

Now is an opportunity to view the world from a perspective other than what we were expecting, or prepared for. Through this newly created and open window, we can now allow in a fresh glass of nurturing nutritious air.

It may be a vision, a goal, or a future which at times carries us further on our journey. But from what I can tell so far, there is no final destination on this particular voyage.

Just as coach PK says, ´The reward is in the Journey.´ That is, each and every piece of our journey. That might just be it, or at least a small part of it. All that is right now is this piece of our journey. Maybe the reward is the now part of journey.

Growth and life, this is our journey.

One purpose may be to understand our journey, voyage, or quest. We do this with forgiving consideration to our past, mindful awareness to our present, and ownership of our future.

So, what about my lessons from the past few days? Well, the deep ones are in my journal, but I can tell you a story.

Last Wednesday brought us to beautiful Ixtapa, Mexico. I was a little under the weather, but upon arrival to our hotel I thought, ´Perfect, this is a place where I can recover before the race.´

I awoke on Thursday witha a resting HR of 110bpm. For those of you who love the numbers, that´s a 300% increase from normal. Ahhhh . . . no big deal. If anything, that just means I will have less work on race morning to bring my HR up to race pace. Perfect. Ride the course, have at least 4 cold showers and a few steams.

On Thursday night I am quite sure I had a fever, but that´s ok. I thought, ´It will just prepare my body for what is to come on Saturday.´ Perfect.

By Friday I hadn´t eaten much and was feeling drained. ´That´s ok, maybe I´m lighter.´

Saturday morning came & I thought, ´Ok, as long as I can hear the starting blast. . .´

No gas.

It is Time for reflection.

And this is where we began today´s post.

I am feeling much healthier, and think today or tomorrow would both be great days to hold a race.

Yesterday and today have been very enjoyable. 90 minute spin on the bike, 45 minute spin in the waves, 2h+ on a hammock in the sun.
Today we started our swim in the ocean, but were chased out by a killer pod of verocious jelly fish, and a few Maz+ style waves. We finished up with 3750m in what I think is a 37.5m swimming pool.

Big congratualtions to Andrew for a great race on Saturday. Great racing dude man. Beaut-ay.

Thanks to Ixtapa for your hospitality and best of the best to those racing North Shore. Time to pack up Sugar Cane.

Rest well.