Living in this organism.

Living with our body, as opposed to living against it.

A beautiful, perfect, lifelong gift, given to us on our birthday. It is our very own temple, a place we call home. It's a place we hold our deepest thoughts, and carry every emotion. And even more, it is a place we can go at any time for quiet reflection. It has been a part of the earth from the beginning. It represents much more than ourself. It is a picture, a representation of something much greater.

We are given one. One of which we, and only we, are in absolute control. We respect it. We nurture it. We care for it. We learn to balance. We work together as a team.

Through formal marble institution style education, we learned of various systems, structures, and functions. However, the most meaningful lesson took place during a ceremony held for our classes donor bodies.

It took an entire year of highlighting, colouring, and pure rote style memorization to learn about 84% of the material, but on this day a feeling stuck. This is our temple; and right now, this is my home. For a moment I understood the teamwork.

Just like our dog Kipling, I too have a tendency towards selective hearing. Kipling would be more than successful at ignoring our begging requests to "come" or "sit." But eventually he would become bored or hungry, leaving us annoyed. His strategy worked in the very short term, but good communication is key for long term success.

If we are going to work together perfectly, we kneed to recognize requirements on both sides. That is both our requirements and expectations of the organism, and those of the organism regarding us.

Sometimes the language appears soft, fuzzy, or hazy to us, but crystal clear from an objective stand. This time I think I heard the message.

I will pass on this 1/2, and fortunately there is another 1/2 waiting just one month away.

Breathe, Listen, and as always, Rest Well.