Friday night Feast

I find it amazing how the world works. Sometimes things appear to happen very quickly, other times they seem endless. As with the rest, I suppose it comes down to our perspective, and subjective interpretation of experience.

Lately there have been numerous occasions where I think something one day, and find that thought becoming example a few days later.

A few mornings and nights ago I had a conversation about running. "I wonder what it would feel like to run in the body of Hichem El Guerrouj?" Fast, effortless running. "What would it be like running with that perfect light form, even for one workout?"

I bet that one workout would change our running style. We could feel the feeling, feel the rhythm, and feel the speed.

Same experience in the water. "What would it feel like to swim with Thorpe technique?"

This morning we were back to our 6 x 100 set in the water. Today it was challenging for me to find the rhythm. When I'm tired and feel a morning like this, I default back to Plan A: work harder. If I just simply work as hard as I possibly can, I will swim faster and become fitter. That has been Plan A for as long as I can remember.

After finishing 4 of 6 100s I heard, "Stevo, stop. Just wait a minute." Todays message from PK and Neil was to swim the set as it was meant to be swam. In this case, recover when the set prescribes it. And if you're not recovering, do something differently so you can.

OK, Plan B. Work smarter.

Our next set was 6 x 200, drafting. I chose to drop the intensity slightly, and focus on form. Swim like Thorpe. Find the inner Dolphin. Play, be happy, relax, swim well. Like Neil said the other day, "You guys are swimming well, now act like it."

Good swim. Flush ride. Feed the engine a little CHO, Pro-, and FAT. Time for a nap.

Run. Track workout. Great workout with AP. Thanks for some solid running and good pacing dude man. Word on the street has it the rest of our group ripped up the Jack Wallace with lightning fast splits. Nice work guys and gals! You are fitter than fit, faster than fast.

Thanks to PK for sticking around after we confused the schedule.

Thanks to Jazz n' Jude for a sweet Friday night Feast.

Rest well.