El Caption

In sport, and in life sometimes we stay put in the measurement game. Measurements sure help us track progress, from one season to the next and from day to day, but sometimes it's the little unmeasurable things that make a difference.

Today we had the privilege of sleeping in. This meant a lot.

Every morning I have a bowl of oatmeal with some yoghurt and a little #2 Amber Canadian Maple Syrup. On usual weekday mornings for the sake of time, I have just been tossing the yoghurt on raw oats and digging in. If it's good enough for a race horse, it's good enough for me. Today with all the extra time, I decided to cook the oatmeal. That was nice.

Another big little thing happens in the pool.

When I began swimming with the Centre I would generally finish the set either exactly on pace time, or just a bit (maybe a lot) behind. I would roll into the wall just as the group was taking off for their next set. This didn't bother me, as I was happy to be in the water with fast swimmers and awesome coaches.

Who knew what our group was doing in between the time when they had finished the 1st set and began number two. Maybe discussing the new guys butterfly stroke? Earlier this year I found out.

Before an important set there's a pump up speech. Either Neil, Patrick have a message for the group, something to keep in mind during the next set, something to inspire.

It would be easy to measure the change in swim speed required for myself to finish the set, leaving time to hear these "pump up" words of wisdom. But until that change occurs, who would know what a difference it could make.

Little things mean a lot, and can be big rewards.

Great day of training.
Durrance swim with a little T2 action to satisfaction,
Base ride with a lot of Snickers action,
and a short run, (I can't think of a caption).

Thanks for the awesome day. Rest well.