Dr. Guan always seems to know the perfect fuel-air mixture. He knows just what is needed, how much, and where.

"You need to feel better than, "Yeah, I feel good." You feel better than ever. You have the warm, tall, relaxed, open sensation."

Perfect beach fire, calm waves, and a sea breeze.
Like Natures Soul, Earth's Pulse, and the World's breath.

Sweet day in the water, on the wheels, and with the kicks. Wallace-West Saanich is a great loop with flats, downs, and a few hills to test the legs if you so desire.

When we're out for a ride, what stays in the memory? In a 3 hour ride two or three things stick out. The last climb and two hand painted signs on the road side. "Range Eggs," "Range Free Eggs."

Why eggs?

Snack time, bedtime.

Rest well.