Dude, Man, Yo . . . it is great to be back to a full training load.

Worldwide, there are a number of different theories as to what causes bodily illness, whether it be some kind of release, emotional healing crisis, or the western theory. A common theme however, is growth with recovery.

Much of the time there are important lessons learned. The illness in effect leads to a fuller, more complete and healthy body.

Once back on a full training load, I am always excited and fully fired to fly, ambitiously attacking any workout.

There is sometimes a feeling of lost fitness. Naaa, I don't think so. As the Jazz man says, just a loss of tolerance. Let's change that word "lost." Things don't just disappear. Our body does however do a great job of recognizing change, change from it's current state of homeostasis.

We become used to intensity and volume. These become normal, just as we acclimatize to heat, a windy day, or even a loud sound. Eventually our body no longer recognizes these external influences.

So now it's time to re-acclimate.

This morning I woke up feeling great and ready to go. We had a pretty good swim set to test things out. 6 x (100 on 1:10; 100 on 2:00). Today was the first day I have had the opportunity to swim LC 100s on 1:10. Perfect. Lets try it out.

The first two were within the time, and for the last 3 I came in at 10 or 11, finishing the set on a 1:15 pace. Ok, we're back on. Let us build.

PaC SporT ChilLaX, 90 minute spin with A2theP-B-Smith, lunch and a nap,
Run time.

Today's lesson on the run: You can run fast and easy. Does this sound familiar? Good advice from AP: "Just relax dude and your HR will drop by 5bpm. Just chill man, let's work together."

In other news I have relocated to the abode of Jazz man with Finn - machine, and J-rock.

Elaborations tomorrow. In the mean time,

Rest well.