Wednesday is Windsday, according to Winnie the Pooh anyhow.

Today the Tucson valley was blessed with a refreshing rain. It was a little overcast as we rolled down to the U of A pool for some draft pack swimming. When we arrived, Russ the Wildcats Swim Program Coordinator, brought the pool temp up by a degree or two. Sometimes little things like that make a big difference. Thanks for the thoughtful consideration Russ. It feels like we're being treated like Kings down here!
Main Set: 4 x 500 drafting steady - mid race pace, 4 x 200 drafting start speed.

Back to the (Mt.) Lemmon home and time for an O so good breakfast: Omelet & Oatmeal.

Soon after breakfast we noticed it was raining. "Let's run now and bike later." "Good idea."
21 minute warm up, 20 minutes steady state, 21 minute cool down. Perfect. I love running in the rain. As we were heading back along Mountain Ave I thought, "This must be Tucson's way of helping us feel at home." It was just like running back home for an hour, a way to fill up on Victoria goodness before we head down to Mexico. What a perfect way to help us appreciate every moment of sun too.

Eat again, nap, feet up the wall, listen to some good music, and it's sunny again. Ride = 1h45 easy spin + 15 minute stop in LeBuzz, a local "cyclist" coffee shop down here in Tucson. Sweetness, now we've had our Arizona coffee ride.

Bath time, dinner time, bed time.

Monday and Tuesdays were great days too. Monday was JP's Birthday. All the best this year buddy. You're ready to rock and roll. Laser Tag & a Birthday dinner reminded me of elementary school style birthday parties. + an easy swim and regen = Monday.

Tuesday started with a solid ride over Gates Pass with some race efforts. 2 x 10 minutes mid-race pace and 4 x 6ish minutes faster than race pace. For our 6 minute pieces we started 1 mile back from the Gates summit and went for it. Approaching the top was an all out effort every time. Awesome. I love working absolutely has hard as I possibly can, then holding it, finding the groove, next it's time to crest the plateau for more climbing.

Nice work Scotty on the 10 minute pieces, and hanging in there up Gates. Andrew, awesome attacks up Gates. That was definitely pack breaking speed. I think it will prove suitable for the Geneva race course.

Afternoon swim with a main set of 20 x 100: 3 on 1:30, 1 on 2:30. I am thankful the order is swim first, bike second, run third. Good swim.

Evening chill out run. Nice.

Ok, back to today. It's almost bed time.

Rest well.