ice cream cool down

First an update on the Onion Tactic. I think it has been working! The swelling from my weird bug sting is way down, and instead of half my leg being red it's only a small red circle. I have one more potential remedy if things aren't completely better by tomorrow morning. . . meat tenderizer.

This morning's swim was the best yet. It was a 6K Long Course Beauty with 26 x 100, alternating between 2:10(easy) / and 1:20(fast). I touched the wall after the 1st hard one at 1:10. "Cool, that was faster than I expected and felt easy. Today must be a fast day so I'll try and keep it there." I hovered between 1:10 and 1:11 for the remainder of our 13 hard 100s feeling great. So today I'm happy to say we have a new standard for 100s, 1:10. Starting tomorrow morning the new acceptable standard is 1:09. From there it's only a short trek to where we can see base camp. Excitement builds.

Back home for a couple boiled eggs, a couple slices of toast, sunscreen application #2 and I was ready for a two hour base ride through the south side of TuKson. Nice smooth ride.

Feeding time, nap time, feet up the wall time, more eating time, time for one more sunscreen application and it's run time.

20 base,
8 build to tempo,
3 x drills and strides,
dynamic stretch,
3 x 1K on 6:00, (3:08, 2:58, 2:57)
right into 6 x 200m on 1:30,
10 minutes rest,
3 more K's, (3:07, 2:57, 2:52)
6 more 200s,
10 minute walk home,
5 minutes eating ice cream on sidewalk outside house,
20 minutes kicking soccer ball around as cool down.

my focus was smooth running on the K's and speed for the 200s. Fast is fun!


rest well.