First Chirp

How do you know you are used to where you are staying?

You might . . . Be comfortable in your new bed, have your own spot at the kitchen table, acclimatize to the temperature or humidity, adjust to a new time zone, or find local food that suits your fancy. Then there are the little things.

How about the birds? Victoria birds sing a certain way, and Tucson birds sing a completely different way. It's something I never really noticed while back in Victoria, but when I arrived down here I noticed right away how different the birds sound. Now I am used to the early morning Tucson bird's song.

In a way this speaks of our nature to notice things when they change, whether it be hot to cold, loud to quiet, windy to calm, or one song to the next.

When I first moved to Guelph some of my rez room mates were amazed I left Beautiful British Columbia, for Guelph. A friend of mine back home reminded me that there is beauty all around us, all the time, no matter where we are. We just need to open ourselves to see it.

Tucson has offered us a lot. There are many things I am thankful for down here:
Awesome training venues: NCAA champion outdoor pool, Mt. Lemmon, miles and miles of open road.
Awesome training group: A-Russ, JP, Scotty, and of course the rest of our Victoria crew. (+ The Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskachewan groups)
Awesome support from our coaches: Patrick, (+ thanks to Craig and Gary for letting us hop in with their groups)
The list goes on and on.
Thank You.

We will have been training here in Tucson for one month tomorrow. It has been a great experience so far and we have all learned valuable lessons on many different levels.

Volume has started to drop, intensity is race specific, and we are beginning to sharpen the pencils for our first real exam of the summer semester, Mazatlan.

Now it's time to lace up the kicks for some speed on the U of A track. Sweetness.

Rest well.