Something new happened today in the water. I forgot that I was breathing. This is new to me, for you see, having grown up as a land mammal I have become accustomed to breathing at will. I don't often think about breathing while standing on my left leg, or maybe every other left leg step. Up until this morning, breathing has generally been at the forefront of my mind while swimming.

All of a sudden I thought, "When was the last time I took a breath?" Breathing must have just been happening without any effort. Then of course, I tried not to think about breathing for the rest of the swim. One thing is for certain, trying to not think about something rarely leads to our desired result.

After our swim we wandered over to the dive tank for a few jumps. The facial expressions were priceless:
. .
Easy 90 minute spin and that`s a good recovery day.
Over the next three days we will have a chance to test ourselves in each of our three sports. Tomorrow we have a 1500m TT in the pool. Saturday is the infamous Shootout ride, a longstanding 62 mile group ride here in Tucson. Rumor has it the group starts with over a hundred cyclists and by 30 miles the group is down to 20 - 30 cyclists. A shootout with the local cyclists. On Sunday there is a local 5K Run for the Cure. Good stuff.
Tonight`s dinner is a pork tenderloin. This time I tried butterflying and stuffing it with apples etc. After it`s all cut up and stuffed there`s the matter of tying it back together. No string to be found, but there is a drawstring in my run shorts. Perfect.
Rest well