Sometime we need to wait a little while to find out just how a workout or practice went. In the case of the Shootout ride, I realized my effort level twice. Interestingly enough, neither of these times were when I was actually riding hard.

This morning my suspicions were confirmed. I was working hard. Judging by how my legs felt, I would say that was one of my hardest ever bike efforts. Hamstrings tighter than an E string wrapped one octave up.

Man, that was a fun ride! And the good news is we have one more shot at it while we're down here in the sun. Awesome.

After the ride we went out for a 30 minute spin with the kicks, just to remind our legs of the true story. You can't let 'em escape too easily.

4500 yard swim of the complete flush variety: 1000 warm up, 10 x 100 drill/swim, 1000 pull, 1000 fins/snorkel, 10 x 50 as 25!!/25ez, 200KK, w/d. That's a smooth swim. There's nothing to it, just tune in, turn on, select, and enjoy.

This morning we ran the Tucson Race for the Cure. These events are really special. They let us know about real world survival, and real world desire to live. I am grateful to have been given the chance to participate in such an event.

A big Thank You goes out to the race director and all the volunteers who helped make it possible. Also, Congratulations to the other 875 runners, and over 13,000 walkers out there racing for the Cure.

When healthy living or sporting events are tied in with charity there is a powerful feeling in the air. It's something I'm sure everyone felt at some point this morning. The feeling may have come while standing on the start line, silently preparing, cooling down, or passing out water cups at one of the aid stations. It's a feeling I'm still trying to understand.

It lets us know there is a world, an existence much bigger, much more encompassing than triathlon, running, swimming, biking, any time standard, place, figure, or number.

The clock says bed time. Rest well.