Safe and Sound.

Yesterday was our travel day. The day began at 3am with a shuttle to the Tucson airport where our first flight departed at 5am. Our early arrival provided ample time to talk down baggage fees with the customer representative. Perfeto.

Upon arrival we went out for a fartlek run with some tempo, just to fire the legs up. Post run twilight dip in the water to play in the waves, and that's a great travel day.

Quick story from today. Picture this:

1 beach start, 4 white guys, 4 speedos, 1 disclocated finger. We're triathletes, so therefore it's run time. Run to the hospital in nothing but speedos.

It turns out there is a military hospital located right behind our hotel, literally a 2 minute run from the beach. In even less time, Andrew was through the waiting room, in a bed, and had his finger popped back in place.

Good swim, that is before our little excursion to the hospital. All is well.

Time for a deep breath and recovery snooze.

Rest well.