444Hz = A+

The efficiency equation.

In our training this is very applicable to swimming. From September until the end of January my focus was on swim efficiency . After having spent the previous year beginning to learn how to learn to swim, the time finally came to learn how to swim. Sweet step.

As we were flying back to Victoria, I was really looking forward to hopping in the pool and testing our Tucson training. Will the work translate back to Swim Masters Harvey / PKelly SCP style swimming?

Wednesday and Thursday swims were fairly basic. Hop in, swim for 4, stretch, towel off. Build the Cane, spin. Find the kicks, run.

On Friday we tested some efficiency with an "almost break point" set, and some of this years favourite . . . band. It wasn't the true break point set because the object was not to break. The point was swim well. Find the efficient stroke, and swim fast with this stroke. Simple? Yes. The trick is the later. Swim fast with the efficient stroke.

I thought about it in these two steps. First focus is the efficient stroke. Next, skip past the run out, wetsuit removal, swim cap tossing, lost goggles, and Superman to cycling.

The bike equation is simple. In order to bike faster, you must pedal faster. I applied this to our almost break point set. Pedal faster with your other appendages. The trick is to keep the same hold on water.

The 50's were over sooner and required the same number of strokes.

Good swim.

Fridays run was double fartlek. This being attributed to both pace and topographical variation. Warm up, tempo, steady state, hills, flats, and errant golf balls all add up to 75 minutes of fun in the sun.

Today was 3:45 of quality time riding with Sugar Cane back on the home turf and 5K in the water. Good day.

Thanks to Oak Bay Bikes for tuning Sugar Cane. 444Hz = A+. She appreciated the much needed bath.

Rest well.