Training Updates


Chilly day by TuKson standards. Beauty day by Victoria winter standards. Morning ride, 3.5 hours. We found a sweet trail along one of the dried up river beds. It's a little like the paved sections of the goose back in Victoria, perfect riding.

The day warmed a little by mid afternoon. Good time for a swim in Ft. Lowell. 5K and I'm happy to be doing some "real" swimming.


AM swim in the University of Arizona pool. Sweet pool! It's hard to beat any kind of swim when you're outside in the sun, enjoying every stroke.

Afternoon ride to the base of Lemmon, 60 minutes smooth steady state up, turn around, and back home. That's good for another 4.5ish hours. It was nice to slow down for this climb and enjoy a bit of the scenery. The differnence between just a few km/h is huge when climbing. It takes lots of self control to keep the pace down, but definitely worth it.


Early morning swim back at Ft. Lowell. Real swims are sweet + I was feeling awesome. 1:50 on the bike for an easy ride up at the foothills. Lunch. Run this afternoon with some fartlek. It'll be a nice and hot one.

Time for a nap.

Rest well.