The Sweetest Thing

We're having more great training each and every day out here in the Tukson valley. Here's a brief recap on the last few days:

Long group ride out through Gates Pass and into the neighbouring valley. My hat goes off to PK for providing us with support in what must have been a smoking hot truck throughout the day. We all greatly appreciate the support. I also need to throw a shout out to the rest of our group for the awesome company and great ride. Sharpie, Aaron, Kerry, and the Lemon Tree team, Scotty, Andrew, and of course J "rock star" P, that was a nice ride. Great work all the way through, especially on the final climb up Gates pass.

Nice quick run off the bike with Andrew, 10 minutes at race pace followed by 20 steady. Good run.

Ahhhhhhh . . . a little bitta rest, to the tune of adaptation.
Recovery swim in the sweet U of A pool, midday relaxation in the shade with a good book, late afternoon run by the wash, Easter dinner, and that's a great recovery day.

Fast Swim in a Fast Pool, Smooth Bike on a Great Route, Fast Run on a Fast Track. You know the chorus: Fast is Fun! Thanks for the great workout guys. Scotty, nice work finishing off 8 solid K's. Andrew, as always, great running.

Now I am far past due for a shower.

Rest well.