Say the words.

Having finally been out on a ride with Sugar Cane, I now know what if feels like to have no chain. There are a two major differences between Sugar and my previous racing machine.

First, Sugar Cane functionally has a 58cm top tube, while the Bianchi was a mere 55cm. The second difference is Euro vs American styling. Sugar Cane is the American Baby with big angles, big tubes, and a DuraAce groupset. The Bianchi was all Euro with compact geometry and Campagnolo componetti. I also notice that once Sugar reaches cruising velocity, she likes to stay there without much coaxing from me, or my legs.

I'm looking forward developing a strong new relationship with Sugar Cane, and would like to thank the Black and Gold Bianchi for our many great hours spent together.

The past few days:


Once again the short course swim was a confidence booster. I know it has little to do with fitness, but it sure is nice to hit the wall a few seconds early. New short course PB on 100m is 1:02.8. Next SC 100m TT will be under 1:00. Maktub!

After visiting the hard core / sauna department, Andrew and I stocked up on calories with Omelets ala HoJo avec Kerry and Patrick, (thanks for the nice breakfast), and hit the roads for a reverse loop of Prospect, Munns, and the W-WS connection.

Having finished a good ride I decided to collect some cedar drift wood, dry it by the fire, and toss it on for some fast burning heat (lunch and nap). I did this to the tune of the UVIC tracks. 30 minute warm up to SS for our last 15 minutes, 2 x drills and strides, 7 x 1000m descending 1 through 7, 2 x 400m feeling nice and fast for the 2nd 200m.

I can always count on Andrew to pick up the pace at around km 3. Nice running dude. That 3rd K set us up well to finish a strong session.


The first (annual?) NTC Sprint Spectacular: 2x Waddling dog loop (18.5K), 5K run, 800m pool TT. This was a great way to finish off 2 weeks of building intensity and volume. Fast hard training leading up to more fast hard training, culminating with more hard work and a TT makes a taper seem like slacking. Shout out to Scotty who showed that he definitely has cycling legs this year with a wickedly fast start to the bike, and a solid 1st loop on the run.
Fun day in the sun.

Today was my first official date with Sugar Cane. We had a smooth ride and made it back just before the rain. Perfect.

Over the past 2 week build, my biggest lesson learned was about training and working hard despite fatigue. But that lesson needs some time to work it's way through the pen and into my journal.

Just say the words, and it will be done.

Rest well.