Started with a little tempo run to fire the running gears up. We headed out to find a running venue and ended up in the U of A courtyard. There's a grassy field about 600m around, perfect for loops. Running through the U of A also adds a little motivation to look the "runner" part.
20 minute warm up with 5 minute build to tempo, 10 x 2 minutes tempo with 1 minute easy jog, 15 minute cool down. I have always enjoyed the dry heat. Tucson is perfect.

A couple hours on the bike, exploring the town, finding some routes, and we were ready to hit the pool for what was an increadibly easy and creative swim.

Back home to the Lemmon tree house, pick up some groceries, and it's dinner time.

We have been making "family dinners" where we all sit down at the table, or infront of the TV. It's great to finish a hard training day and come back to the house to enjoy some good food and company.

We have a pretty good routine in the mornings too. I'm sticking to the usual oatmeal and eggs. Great start to the day.

Today we had a nice slow start before our ride and swim.

Tucson sprint race tomorrow. Sweetness. Now it's time for a snooze.

Rest well.