One particular Fall day back in Guelph, Suke and I went out for one of our epic roller ski sessions. We would drive just past the town line, park the car on the side of the road, clip in, and be off. It was sweet to point the skis in one direction for two - three hours, turn around and head back.

When you're out training for these long sessions, the mind can wander off to discover different places, or remain right in the one place where your body lies. Conversation too, can wander. When you think about it, we spend a lot of time with one and other, learning more about ourselves and our training partners. There are only a handful of sports where one is fortunate enough to train this way.

Mike, remember the base runs. Those long base runs are some of my fondest memories from Ontario.

This particular roller ski was one of those perfect training sessions. We have all had these perfect moments in some shape or form; whether it be sailing with Orca whales into the sunset along the Georgia Strait, enjoying a hike through the mountains, or playing some good music.

On our way back Brian said something that has stuck with me. "Isn't it funny how when we're out training, we talk about training? I mean here we are training right now. This is it." Simple but true. This is it.

I think that our thought process during training evolves along with the training itself. Every now and again, I experience what I consider a major shift in my thought process which carries through from daily living to training and racing. In early September I started on a new journey during a hike up in Strathcona park. The message has always been present, but timing and awareness allow us to understand.

In the past day or so I thought about the cyclical nature of our sports. They are repeating motions. As we finish on one side, we begin another. There may exist a brief pause in between motions, I'm not sure yet. It's much like the cyclical nature of the rest of our life, living, eating, breathing. I'll leave it there for now, because the rest will sort itself out in the journal.

Have a nice day, and Rest well.