It has been a while. I believe the last time we talked was Thursday; a day of baseball, swimming, and an easy base run.

I suppose that's one more thing checked off someone's list of things to do; see a professional baseball game. We watched the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Chicago White Socks, while relaxing in the "Chill 'n Grill" section. Buffet's can be dangerous, especially with all that heart healthy ballpark food, all part of the baseball experience.

I think there were two field goals, and one of the Diamondbacks may have scored a hole in one.

Thursday's swim was of the technical buoy variety. Sitting in the van after enjoying the buffet, I was secretly praying that we catch each red light. Every minute between the ballpark and Ft. Lowell was one more where my arteries were given a chance to clear. Never before have I been so happy to be waiting in a construction zone.

All those hours spent on the Washington Ski Bus taught me how to get comfortable in any school bus or van. Extreme slouch, knees on the chair ahead, tilted fetal position. Perfect recovery for a decent swim.

Friday's focus was our first brick workout of the year. Early recon rides led us to a perfect brick loop out by Sabino Canyon, hilly, smooth, fairly quiet, and only one easy to run through stoplight.

We did a total of 4 bike run efforts, building the intensity on each. On our second loop I thought, "Ok, if this is race pace and we are building intensity, the next two will be all out." Sometimes it's good to go race pace plus. The cool thing about going all out is you are given the chance to think, "I'm going as fast as I can, how do I go faster?" Nice hard work in the sun.

Aerobic afternoon swim, so long and fair thee well to those returning to Victoria, dinner and bed

On Saturday we rode through Old TuKson and checked out the east side of Sagurno (sp) National Park with another ride through Gates Pass. Rolling through the pass we were all mezmerized by the hawks, effortlessly sailing the updrafts.

Back at the Lemmon house we started a summertime classic, juggling the soccer ball. Growing up, a few summers were all about the hacky sac. Fun memories.

Evening easy run, dinner and a movie, bed.

Sunday was with a 3 hour ride out to the air base, and a recovery swim as we prepare for two more weeks of specific race prep leading into a short taper for Mazatlan.

Now I am sitting at the breakfast table with 1/2 an Onion tied to my leg with a bike rag. I think I was stung by some weird TuKson fly on Friday's ride. As a kid, I remember my Grandpa Tom telling me to put an onion on a bee sting.

There is a good chance he was just testing to see if I would actually do it, but either way I will be carrying the pleasent aroma of onion and bike grease for the rest of the day.