Just Look Up

and you will see the birds.

This afternoon I couldn't resist the temptation to hop on Sugar Cane and go for a waterfront spin. By spin, I mean the utmost in easy riding to the beach, sitting on a bench in the sun, and opening a book. It was one of those easy rides where speed, effort, and time are of no importance.

On my way past the OB Marina I just happened to look up and see two massive bald eagles perched on a tree overlooking the water. Wow, what a truly magnificent site. There is something about the presence of an eagle that exudes courage, strength, and grace.

On a completely different topic, isn't it interesting to notice the greatest source of energy and resistance are one and the same. There is limitless energy within us, more than one can imagine. At the same time we are our only source of resistance. Ponder.

As you may have guessed, this week Monday - Thursday are all about recovery. We have just finished a good build, and are using this opportunity to prepare ourselves for a high volume camp in TuKson, Arizona. This time adaptation conveniently falls right before the Bazan Bay Fast 5K. I would bet dollars to pesos this was strategically planed! I have been looking forward to Bazan since the moment Hatley Castle was finished. Fast is Fun!

Thanks to Dr. Guan for the treatment today. I always leave his office feeling light, strong, and with many new theories to consider.

Light swims this week 3 - 4K loose, a few easy runs, rides, and back at it with some good activation Friday - Saturday.

Allow and Rest well.