One of the major themes to this training camp has been teamwork. We are a training group; we have particular training partners for different sports; and we are a group of good friends.

In sport we go through natural highs and lows from one training session to the next, even within a single session. Sometimes we feel fantastic, invincible, unstoppable, in a place where we can go forever. Other times that monkey crawls onto our shoulder creating a little extra drag, and we feel it.

Both these feelings take the same amount of energy to create. Add in mental and physical fatigue and the equation might shift. But ultimately, it comes down to choice. This is one place where teamwork comes out to play.

In the past few weeks I have noticed the amount of inner support within our group grow exponentially. I thought about it a couple days ago, then again yesterday morning in the pool, then again during the TT on Lemmon.

Anything from a single word of encouragement, to getting the group a glass of water while we are watching TV, to a smile; these are all actions which compound, creating strength and support.

Teamwork makes the choice to be strong and feel happy a little easier. So, good work supporting one and other, lets keep it up.

Tuesday's run was epic, leaving us nice and loaded for a solid swim set on Wednesday morning. 2400m of race pace effort = soleeed. We left the Lemon Tree house on our stallions at 1:30 returning at 7:30 yesterday evening, with an estimated 45 minutes of stop time. Back home we laced up the running shoes for a 15 minute jog to Taco Bell and a Grande Meal.

Nice. Today is Adaptation.

Rest well.