Papaya and I must have been functioning on the same wavelength today, because we had an awesome ride. The ride began with a rip through the Camosun trails where things were muddy! Riding a different set of wheels with different tires makes a huge difference. I was feeling confident to start out, easily making my way over and around some obstacles which have proven to be challenging in the past. Today however, we could have rocked the Dancing with Stars competition, smoothly gliding across wet earth and over mossy rocks, barely flexing a muscle.

Part way through the ride I decided to hop over to Prospect Lk road, just to play it safe. Then I saw what was for me a brand new trail. Ahhh... just go for it, one more rip through the mud.
As this was my last cross ride for the season, it was fitting that I kiss the ground, a fair thee well and good by kiss. That is especially after spending so much time being cushioned by soft rocks and tree stumps this winter.

We connected and I thanked the ground for so much fun during the off season.

I was happy to fit in one last cross ride, because Papaya is moving over for the new bike in town, and we're sticking to head down, no fooling aroun', speed.

Today's swim was a 4.8K back to swimming swim. Good stuff.

Our run was one of my favourite pre-race workouts: 15ez, 10 base, 16 fartlek, 5 ez, drills & strides, 5 minutes ez, ice. When you have this workout, it means you are well rested, activated, and ready to rock for a fast run.

Now it's the night before the night before. Rest well.