When you feel it, you know.

Great training today, and this week in general.

As the volume and intensity builds, new challenges arise. The body finds a hard work groove, and intense workouts become almost routine. Just find the zone in your head, and the body will adapt. I must confess, at the beginning of the odd practice sometimes I wonder when this adaptation feeling is going to happen. Trust it will, because it always does.

One of the biggest challenges is removing yourself from the fighting mindset that tends to creep in when you begin to fatigue. "If I just fight a little harder, push it more, I can go faster." I think it's useful to find a zone where hard work happens, without the fight. Feel the flow of Good Vibrations. The energy is always there, ready for us to use. We just need to allow it to be part of us, our lives, and our training.

Sometimes it's an absolute necessity to go into what Patrick describes as the dark place and hurt a little (maybe a lot). It's ok; it's good to go there when the situation calls for it. As a species we have found that place again and again when the need to escape thirsty fangs arises. Keep in mind that light place, a place of brilliant limitless energy, and speed.

So, training today.

100m TT: out in a 30.7 back in a 34. Next time lets be real here, out in 29 high, back in 32 high. 1:02 low, maktub.

The main set was 6 x 300 draft pack swimming. Finished it.

Including recovery swims, we'll be just over 30K for the week by Sunday afternoon. With some freshly squeezed intensity, this spells Awesomeness.

Next week is recovery and I can smell the sweet aroma a 400TT for Friday. My prediction is big time PR's across the board.

90 on the rollers created Lk. Kilshaw. Nice smooth base.

15ez; 15 build by 5's to Tempo.
5 x 1000m with some Fartlek (of mostly the speedplay variety) spaced in there.
3:08; 3:07; 3:03(I think); 2:57; 2:54.

By mid season we will descend from 2:57. maktub.

Big ride tomorrow.

Rest well.