Two weeks today

This morning Scotty predicted 40 x 50 on 60/40 for our main set in the pool. Close, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. It out to be 20 x 100 on 2:00/1:20; numerically the same but entirely different. The primary difference between swimming 50s and 100s is the mental game.

In 50m you have hardly enough time to feel anything, and if you do, it's over before you really have time to evaluate. When swimming 100s, there is just enough time to have a thought or two. But, if you practice, you may have none at all. Some of the most challenging (and funnest) games are those you can play against yourself.

This was a set where we could play the game. My splits hovered between 1:11.2 & 1:11.8 for the most part. Next time through they will be 1:09.0. Maktub!

Aaron absolutely rocked the set with a continuous descending splits from 1:11 down to 1:07s. Nice work.

After the swim, Andrew and I hit the trails for another great cyclocross ride through Camosun, Royal Roads, Flemming Beach, Esquimalt, and back along the goose. Great route for 2:45 on the Papster.

Elk and Beaver lakes were like glass when we arrived around 3pm which tempted us to make a splash. But first we run: 20 minutes easy - base, 40 minutes steady state, 20 minutes base - easy. We made a splash with 10 minutes of icing, which I needed to follow up with 15 minutes in a hot epsome salt bath.

Follow up . . . on closer inspection off Hatley Castle results there are a few more props to be handed out:

Kyla also broke the Jr. Womens record with the same split as Alex. I missed the sprint finish so I suppose the title may be shared.
Gaby rocked the course running the same split as in the Pioneer 8K one month ago. Given the small hill at Hatley Castle, this is a sweet result.

Now I meet with my friends Po Sum On, and Kwan Loong.

Rest well.