The other day I found a copy of one of my most listened too CD's of all time. It was the Live in Chicago recordings of Dave Matthews Band. That's some truly awesome music. I threw it in the player and could remember all the sweet solos: Boyd Tinsley on the Violin, Carter Beauford (in my opinion the greatest drummer alive), LeRoi, Stefan, and Dave. With guests Victor Wooten and Tim Reynolds, there's an unreal live jamm sesh.

We swam one of the longest main sets to date this morning. A clean and crisp 8 x 400 looks good in black and white and feels even better when it's finished. Next time I will swim on the faster pace time.

Our swim was followed by an easy run and weights with Scotty and Andrew. My shoulders remembered the swim set during arm raises. It's all a good part of operation hugification. There's something primordially entertaining about weight lifting. Lift rock, now FEEDING TIME.

After feeding time it was roller time. The extra 200Watts from the magnetic resistomatic makes a huge difference when you drop into 53 x 11. Mount Lemmon will be flat by the time we're done with it!

Lisa guided us through a series of Trikonasana poses with our back bodies aligned with the wall after the ride. Maintaining posture while against a wall really makes you work! I like this variation.

Epsoms, Ice, Yams, and Curry.

Rest well.