Thank You Lisa & Dr. Guan

"Feel the flow, you know, go, just so."

That was the theme to our last Yoga practice coached by Lisa Banks until Fall 08. Lisa is a phenomenal Yoga instructor who has taught me Hatha style Yoga from a very unflexible square one. Thanks for the patient coaching, especially during my rookie season.

Another Thank You to Dr. Guan, my TCM doctor, for fitting me into his schedule yesterday on such short notice. A good mechanic is priceless.

Now, today's training:

Our main set in the pool was 2 x (3 x 500) on 7:00. It was slow to start, but with some focus I was able to finish fast.

Easy run at the lakes where I was reminded of yesterday's sweet fartlek. 25 minutes to loosen up, and by 30 I felt awesome.

Next was weights, and roll back home to play with the dogs.

One of our operation hugification exercises is the straight leg dead lift. This exercise takes a lot of kinesthetic awareness to "feel it in the right place." When done correctly it is ideal for strengthening the hamstring and gluteal muscle groups.

This afternoon during our big gear work I began to notice the positive effect of our dead lifts. Pulling the pedals smoothly through the back end of your pedal stroke helps eliminate dead spots and is necessary for efficient cycling. It also requires strong hamstrings.

2 + 2 = Let's climb Lemmon seated, big chain ring. How about 53 x 15?

Rest well.