Super Sunday

Today's QOD is from Coach Harvey:

"I only watch high performance sports, and in recent history the Super Bowl has not been high performance, only high spectacle."


Super Solid Sunday Started with 95 minutes of base running at Royal Roads with Andrew. We did some good reconnaissance for the Hatley Castle 8K next week. Love the hills.

The Raise a Reader book drive was all about feast or famine. Either there was a huge line up of cars waiting to drop off books (feast), or no cars at all (famine). It worked out nicely because during times of famine we would feast on all the cookies, granola bars, and muffins provided by Thrifty's. It's great to be around a positive group of people working together for a good cause.

Operation Hugification continued in the gym, and we flushed with a 2ish K swim.

Super Bowl, Chile, Cheese, Nachos, Salsa, Half-Time footy, Ice Cream Cake . . . now it's 8:59 and I'm ready for bed.

Rest well.