One of my previous lives was as a cat. I love an afternoon siesta with the warming sun on my face.

I hope this finds you well rested, and happy. It's been a few, so here's my story.

Before taking violin lessons with Barb McDougall, I took lessons from Jennifer Fischer. I can remember one particular sunny afternoon Jennifer and I were working our way through a certain song. I had been on it for a couple weeks and was hitting a bit of a wall. It was jiving, just not thriving. To my relief Jennifer said , "Let's leave this piece for 3 weeks. Don't look at it, or think about it. We'll come back to it when you're ready." So that was it, we just left it and moved on.

A week later we went through the scales, arpeggios, chromatics, the standard warm-up routine, and pretty soon it was time to play some music. The second piece Jennifer picked was the one I was having trouble with the week before. I hadn't played it for a week and wondered what would happen. I made my way through to the tricky section, and just kept on playing. Sweet.

Swimming is not like this. If I were to leave the pool for three weeks, or one for that matter, I'm pretty sure my stroke would not improve. However, this week Monday was listed as DAY OFF!! in bold, italics, all capitals, with a few exclamation marks . I took this as a hit; Patrick would like us to take the day off. Usually it's just bold, or just italics, with maybe one exclamation mark. In this case I generally opt for the 3-3.5K regeneration swim.

After one day on dry land, breathing at will, I felt totally refreshed for the pool. Sometimes all it takes to find the flow is moving our conscious thought somewhere else for a short while. The unconscious mind will sort out and deal with all the little details. Meanwhile we connect with our own superconscious, and find the flow.

Yesterday was the PacSport Gala. Scotty, Andrew, Sharpie, and I were the coat check team. We were a little scattered to begin, but by the time the crowds were showing we were functioning like a well oiled machine. We were able to snag a couple plates of Empress style grub too. Bonus!

Another highlight for Tuesday was our run in the sun; not just sun, warm sun, short worthy sun. I would have to say it's almost time for the freckle migration. T - 3.5 weeks until Tucson!

Today was another great active recovery day of swimming and cycling. Now we have one more day to recover. Let's choose for it to be a relaxing, and restful one.

Rest well.