Stop, Watch, Wonder . . .

This morning when I arrived on deck, I couldn't help but stop, watch, and wonder. I was there a few minutes early and while watching, I became mesmerized by wondering thoughts. What exactly am I watching? Time passed. Leaning against the water polo nets, I started to laugh out loud. I came to the brief conclusion that the world is an amazing place.

Blink twice and we're on core strength. Easy core.

Wink once and we're swimming 30 x 50 on 60/40s. You asked for it, here it is. Sweet set. Thanks goes out to Kyla and JP for pushing the pace. Lets build on the good work. Today we held 34's with couple 33's. Next week we hold 33's with a couple 32's. Maktub!

Blink three times and Scotty, Andrew, and I are powering the pedals through what at times felt like Hurricane force winds. Honestly, I would give them Gale force. Fortunately, with our powers combined we control the wind.

One longish blink and we are splashing through the trails at Elk lake. There is something tempting about puddles that eventually becomes addictive. Fun aerobic run with good Steady State towards the end.

Check out Andrew's blog (A-Russ along the side) for a good story on Sunday's flush swim.

s l o o w w i i n g g d o o w w w n n f o o r r r s s s l l l e e e p

Rest well.