Rex and Kona

There is something special about arriving back to the house and looking in the front window to see two black noses, 2 pink tongues, and four gleaming eyes. Right now I am house / dog sitting for Mike and Rachael. So far Rex and Kona, my two new roommates, have been very accommodating.

Today's theme was "Back to Work." It's amazing what a few days of recovery does to help the body adapt.

Our swim was short course, as a Western Canadian swim meet is on right now at Commonwealth Place. In the Coach Harvey swim fast dictionary short course translates to "Eye Opener." Today's Eye Opener set was 10x:

75 smooth on 1:10 (or 1:15)
100 fast on 1:10 (or 1:15)

I decided to take a crack at the 1:10 pace time. When you're in the mountains, you never know when you may look up to find that plateau has begun to rise.
I was able to hold it together for the 1st 6 x through, then had to settle for the 1:15 pace time to finish it off. The set went by in less than a blink of an eye.

Next, Andrew and I payed our dues at the Observatory and rolled through the Prospect lake loop for a nice West Coast style (wet) ride.

Bike talk at OBB, eat, drink, nap, eat, drink, and it's run time.

We added one more km to the total volume for this week. Andrew and I cruised the 1st three finishing in 3:12, 3:08, 3:07. The next three were a good effort and given the wet conditions we faired well: 3:01, 3:01, 2:57. I think we could take a second or two off these times due to wetness. A couple weeks ago I wondered what to think of track workouts. Now they are a definitely a favourite session for the week.

Back at the house Rex and Kona said, "Stevo, you need to stretch out the legs. Can you please take us for a walk to the park?" Somehow animals know just what you need. Our walk was a great way to flush the legs.

Enjoy the evening and Rest well.