The perfect day is today.
The perfect practice is this one.

The perfect time to choose how we feel is now.
The perfect time to choose our actions is now.

The perfect time for training is when we do it.
The perfect time for rest is when we do it.
The perfect time to have your feet up the wall is when we do it.
The perfect time to ice is when we do it.

Every practice is perfect.
Every day is perfect.

Every drop of water we drink is perfect.
Every Vitamin, Mineral, CHO, Pro-, and Lipid we consume is perfect.

Every breath of air we breathe is perfect.

The perfect moment will forever be now.

Every practice, every moment, is a step in our path, our journey.

Quick thought:

If we consider that time and space were created along with the creation of the Universe, then before creation there must have been an existence without time and space. Although it is a difficult concept to imagine, this framework was not destroyed during creation and is still a part of who and what we are. Our temporal and spacial presence co-exists along side this no space-time setting.

Therefore, if time is created as equal from day to day, moment to moment, then each moment is equally valuable to every other moment. This is why every moment is perfect, and every practice is perfect.

Then, there can be no such thing as good, or bad practices. All of them provide strength for us to cross the river, climb the mountain, crest the plateau, and find infinitely higher peaks.

Now is the perfect time for regeneration before swim practice.

Rest well.